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Bach Flower Rescue Remedy Pastilles - 50g SALE

Bach Flower Rescue Remedy Pastilles - 50g SALE
Brand: Nelsons
Product Code: 82785702973
Reward Points: 9
Price: £5.65 £3.98
Ex Tax: £3.32
Price in reward points: 398
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*Please note, this product is being offered at a reduced price as it has an expiry date of 02/12. These products gernerally have a 2-3 year shelf life when manufactured and the dates act only as a guide.*

Rescue Remedy is always ready to hand when you need it. It is sure to contain something that will help in an emergency or when there is no time to make a considered selection. Keep it in your handbag, glove box and desk drawer and use it to ease unexpected crises, calm you when you fact challenging situations such as visiting the dentist or taking an exam or when you need a little extra help in life's everyday trying moments, like travelling to work in the rush hour or when you simply feel as though there just isn't enough hours in the day.

As well as the normal bottled remedy, Rescue Remedy is also available as a spray and a cream. Rescue Spray is a convenient way to take Rescue Remedy without the hassle of screw tops and droppers. The cream contains an extra remedy, Crab Apple, known as the cleansing remedy. Rescue Cream is a fantastic way to rescue yourself from the outside in.

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